Opened - Books on Cuffed - Hands: The Cultural and Educational Life of Palestinian Political Prisoners in Israeli Prisons and Detention Centers
29 October 2020
Throughout the years, the Israeli occupation has continued to systematically deny Palestinian prisoners of their most basic human rights while incarcerated, including the right to own pens and papers. With the continuous Israeli crackdown on Palestinian prisoners, the prisoners’ movement has resorted to a multitude of resistance measures, most notably hunger strikes, to regain their rights. This study aims at exploring the cultural and educational life of the Palestinian prisoners, touching on...
I've Been There: A Study of Torture and Inhumane Treatment in Al-Moscabiyah Interrogation Cetner
25 October 2018
Al Moscabiyeh, in the heart of Jerusalem, represents the most notorious interrogation facility in all of histroical Palestine. Generations of Palestinians have experienced what it has to offer in regards of techniques of torture and dehumanisation. This report seeks to quantify the instances of torture, and mistreatment in the facility. Using first hand, a clear pattern is observed in regard to systematic mistreatment and torture of Palestinian detainees.
The Economic Exploitation of Palestinian Prisoners
08 February 2017
This report addresses the economic aspects of the imprisonment of over 800,000 Palestinians since the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza in 1967, with a particular focus on the role that prisons play in the maintenance of the regime of occupation, from 1985 until the present.
A Legal Analysis Report: Administrative Detention in the OPT
01 November 2016
This report sheds light on the policy of Administrative detention, a procedure whereby a person is detained without charge or trial, by Israeli authorities. The report also provides a legal analysis of the practice as used in a systematic and widespread manner since the beginning of the second Intifada in 2000.
In the Shadow of the 2014 Gaza War: Imprisonment of Jerusalem's children
20 July 2016
In July and August of 2014, Gaza held the world’s attention as Israel launched massive air strikes and ground attacks against that part of the Occupied Palestinian Territory (oPt) over a period of 50 days. The UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported that more than 2100 Palestinians were killed in the Israeli onslaught. This number does not include the many more who were wounded or traumatized as a result of the Israeli offensive. In response to the unrest...
Aggressions of the Special Units of the Israeli Prison Service against Prisoners and Detainees during Transfers and Raids
30 December 2014
Palestinian prisoners and detainees in the Israeli occupation’s jails suffer from a multitude of violations of their rights enshrined in international norms and conventions, which are composed of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and International Human Rights Law (IHRL).They are subjected to physical and psychological torture and other cruel, degrading and inhuman forms of treatment and punishment. Palestinian and international human rights organizations have documented over 100 methods of...
Administrative Detention in the Palestinian Occupied Territory: A Legal Analysis Report (2013)
12 December 2013
Administrative detention is a procedure under which detainees are held without charge or trial. No charges are filed, and there is no intention of bringing the detainee to trial. In accordance with the detention order, a detainee is given a specific term of detention. On or before the expiry of the term, the detention order is frequently renewed. This process can be continued indefinitely.
Forgotten City: Forgotten People: Jerusalemite Political Prisoners, the Oslo Process and a Struggle for Freedom
31 December 2012
Documentation of prison life is widely recognized as a vital tool to build the collective conscience and to confront the unlawful suppression and denial of Palestinians’ political and legal rights. To date, however, little research has addressed the particular conditions for Palestinian political prisoners from occupied East Jerusalem. In 2008 Addameer published a special paper on the socio-economic and legal challenges facing Jerusalemite prisoners in an effort to fill this gap [1]. The...
Eyes on the Military Court: A Collection of Impressions
31 December 2012
This booklet encompasses a series of reflections on the experience of Addameer volunteers and associates who visited the Israeli military courts situated in the occupied Palestinian territory, from 2009 to 2011. The contributors were asked to write about what they saw and how they felt during their time at the court, where they witnessed hearings for Palestinians accused of stone-throwing, involvement in demonstrations and other political activities deemed an offense according to Israeli...
Stolen Hope: Political Detention in the West Bank
01 February 2011
This report examines the phenomenon of political arrests in the West Bank by the Palestinian Authority’s security forces - the General Intelligence Service, the Preventive Security Force and to a lesser degree the Military Intelligence. Addameer’s research covers the period from January 2009 to September 2010, during which time Addameer monitored, documented, followed up and legally represented 347 detainees.