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Joint Monthly Report: 605 Palestinians were arrested in the month of May 2018
*/ In the context of continued violations of international law, and the rights of the Palestinian people, Palestinian human rights organizations working on Prisoner issues (The Palestinian Prisoners Club, Addameer Prisoners Support and Human Rights organization, The Prisoners Commission and Al Mezan Center for Human Rights) recorded a total of 605 Palestinians detained by the occupation forces during the month of May 2018. As part of ensuring the accountability of the occupation forces, these...
06 June 2018
19 June 2016
19 June 2016
Force-feeding Vs. Forced Treatment of Palestinian Hunger Strikers: Between Law and Practice
The implementation of force-feeding and forced treatment of Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strikers have captured the attention of the international community and caused misunderstandings regarding the distinctions between each policy. This publication aims to highlight the differences and similarities between force-feeding and forced treatment in terms of their usage and legal aspects under international law.
27 January 2016
Summary of Israeli Public Defenders Office Report (2004)
SUMMARY OF ISRAELI PUBLIC DEFENDERS OFFICE REPORT Following is a summary of a report from an Israeli public defenders office published in May 2004. The report addressed the conditions of detention and incarceration in Israeli police stations and facilities of the Israeli Prison Authority. The report was prepared after the public defenders office undertook 15 visits to detention centers and three visits to prisons in 2003. It covers the conditions of incarceration of both criminal and political...
31 December 2005
Torture of Palestinian Political Prisoners in Israeli Prisons
Since the Israeli occupation of Palestinian Territories in 1967, the systematic torture of Palestinian prisoners by the Israeli military and security forces has been official policy. Torture is not only limited to acts practiced during interrogation, or within prisons and detention centers. It is a far more comprehensive concept on the level of the variety of acts and the groups and individuals it targets. The forms of torture used are dependent on the nature of the occupation. In the case of...
31 December 2004