Torture positions in Israeli occupation prisons
02 September 2020
Since its creation, the occupying state enforced and developed laws and practices that led to both the systematic use of torture and to absolute impunity for the perpetrator of this crime. Historically speaking, several torture methods were used against Palestinians, that included but were not limited to shaking, the baby chair, covering the head with a bag, forced listening to loud music, the closet, ripping of nails, and many other methods that were used to extract confessions from...
Palestinian Political Prisoners, November 2010
The following brochure provides a comprehensive overview of the question of Palestinian political prisoners. It provides basic statistics on the arrest of Palestinians by Israeli authorities over time, as well as brief overviews of the main features of Israeli detention, including the military court system, administrative detention, torture and ill-treatment, detention of children and women, and detention conditions inside Israeli prisons.
Palestinian Women Political Prisoners, December 2010
This brochure provides a comprehensive overview of the situation of Palestinian women political prisoners held in Israeli prisons and detention centers, focusing in particular on the systematic forms of political and gender-based state violence that they experience at the hands of the Israeli authorities. In particular, it looks at the role of women in political prisoner releases, the denial of rights to pregnant prisoners, sexual violence and ill-treatment, denial of family visits and...