Detention in The Media

Saving Khader Adnan's life is saving our own soul
Al Jazeera English   Richard Falk The world watches as tragedy unfolds beneath its gaze. Khader Adnan is entering his 61st day as a hunger striker in an Israeli prison, being held under an administrative detention order without trial, charges, or any indication of the evidence against him.
What do genocide, Schalit have to do with Palestinian prisoners?
+972 Magazine Haggai Matar This past summer, somewhere around the fifth anniversary of Gilad Schalit’s capture, and several months before his release, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israel Prison Service launched a new policy restricting the rights of Palestinian political prisoners (commonly known as “security prisoners”).
Protest Israel’s detention of Palestinian writer Ahmad Qatamesh
Electronic Intifada Maureen Clare Murphy The Palestinian human rights group Addameer issued an appeal today urging supporters to take action on the administrative detention of Palestinian political scientist and writer Ahmad Qatamesh (the full appeal is below). Qatamesh has been held in administrative detention after he was arrested on 21 April...
The tactic of arresting Palestinian children
Al-Jazeera Jillian Kestler-DAmours   Dozens of Palestinian children clamoured excitedly in the East Jerusalem village of Silwan on June 26, each clutching the strings to as many helium-filled balloons as they could. Moments later, the children watched as the sky above this flashpoint Palestinian neighbourhood filled with red, green, black and...
Children not exempt from widespread torture in Israeli detention
Electronic Intifada   Sleep-deprived and suffering from a broken leg, 16-year-old Muhammad Halabiyeh endured days of torture at the hands of Israeli soldiers and police officers, who punched him repeatedly in the face and abdomen, shoved needles into his hand and leg and threatened the Palestinian teenager with sexual abuse.
Undue Process
Haaretz Ilana Hammerman The little girl threw up. Just now, when they had finally arrived, and her brother smiled at her from the other side of the transparent partition; the smile of a 20-year-old who still looks like a child, but is eager to be a man. Just at this moment, she threw up. Threw up and cried. And soiled the pretty clothes she was...
Israel accused of mistreating women prisoners
Moroccan News Portal JERUSALEM (AFP) - - A human rights group slammed Israeli treatment of Palestinian female prisoners in a UN-sponsored report released, saying pregnant women are often shackled on their way to hospitals to give birth. The women prisoners are held in “Israeli prisons and detention centres which were designed for men and do not...
Child Prisoners Definitive
By Sharen Green A TEENAGER tells me how he’s hoping to study journalism when he graduates from secondary school next year. But his chances have not been improved by a three-month prison sentence imposed on him this year. Until his recent release he was one of the 420 Palestinian young prisoners detained illegally in Israel. His crime was stone-...
Rights group: Teen tortured by Israeli forces
BETHLEHEM (Ma‘an) -- The Palestinian rights group Addameer has received an affidavit from a 17-year-old boy who said he was detained by Israeli forces at a West Bank checkpoint and tortured. The boy, identified as Emad Al-Ashhab, remains in Israeli custody under his third administrative detention order following his incarceration on 21 February...
A Soldier’s Word
By Amira Hass 11 August 2010 Haaretz Nighttime raids, pointed guns, arrests often accompanied by beatings, kicks, curses and painful and extended handcuffing. The ordinary behavior of Israeli children in uniform. Children in the West Bank throw stones at army vehicles and Israeli cars, mainly those belonging to settlers. That is the undeniable...