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Prisoners at Risk
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20 July 2011

Date of birth: 22 October 1993 (16 at time of arrest)
Place of residence: Abu Dis, occupied East Jerusalem
Occupation: Student
Date of arrest: 6 February 2010
Place of detention: Ofer Prison

15 April 2011

Date of birth: 14 December 1992
Date of arrest: 23 April 2010
Age at arrest: 17
Place of residency: Azzoun village, Qalqilya
Place of detention: Megiddo Prison, Section 10
Total number of days spent in detention before trial: 300

Israel’s ill-treatment and abuse of Palestinian detainees is widespread and systematic and typically starts from the moment of arrest. Most detainees, including children, report being beaten, kicked, threatened, having their property illegally searched and confiscated and their family home destroyed.

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