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Prisoners at Risk
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Administrative Detention in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

An introduction to the policy of administrative detention, updated February 2014.
Negotiations and the Release of Pre-Oslo Prisoners

With negotiations between the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and Israel re-commencing over the next nine months, the unsettled question of Palestinian political prisoners returns to the forefront of discussions among politicians.
Political Prisoners Detained Prior to the Oslo Agreements

September 2012 marks the 19th anniversary of the signing of the Oslo Agreements. Today, nineteen years after the beginning of the “Oslo Peace Process”, Israel still holds a total of 111 Palestinian political prisoners who were arrested for alleged offenses occurring before 13 September 1993, the cutoff date for prisoners who were supposed to be included in subsequent releases. Approximately 66 prisoners have spent more than 20 consecutive years in Israeli prisons. Though 172 prisoners detained prior to the Oslo Agreements were released in the most recent prisoner exchange deal in October 2011, the remaining prisoners have been excluded from the releases and forgotten by the “peace process”.
The October 2011 Prisoner Exchange Deal

On 11 October 2011, Israel and Hamas authorities concluded a deal whereby 1,027 Palestinian prisoners were released in exchange for captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. The Palestinian prisoners were released in two stages, with 477 prisoners released on 18 October and the remaining 550 on 18 December. This factsheet looks at who the released prisoners are, in terms of gender, origin and time spent in prison.
Military Courts Report 2010: Summary

In May 2011, the Israeli military courts published their annual report on their activities during 2010, providing detailed statistics on files considered by the court, hearings held, administrative detention orders issued, and appeals filed by defense and prosecution lawyers. This English translation by Addameer provides a summary of the most important aspects of the report.
Forgotten City, Forgotten People: Jerusalemite Political Prisoners, the Oslo Process and a Struggle for Freedom

The following paper looks at the current conditions of Jerusalemite political prisoners in the context of the Oslo “Peace Process” agreements. As well as addressing the interrogation and trial procedures pertaining to political prisoners from East Jerusalem, this paper reviews the history of the Palestinian political prisoner movement during and after the bilateral agreements of the Oslo years (1993-2000), and addresses how these agreements have affected Jerusalemite prisoners’ due process rights and negotiated prison releases. Finally, this paper will highlight the broad socio-legal and political questions surrounding Jerusalemite political prisoners.
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