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Prisoners at Risk
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Courageous Voices, Fragile Freedoms

The report examines Israel’s increasing use of arrest and detention of Palestinian human rights activists taking part in protests and other peaceful acts of resistance against the illegal Annexation Wall and settlements in the West Bank. Although the popular resistance that arose in response to the continuing construction of the Annexation Wall has been facing acts of repression and violence from Israeli forces since regular demonstrations and international advocacy initiatives gained momentum in 2005, the report shows that beginning in 2009 there was a shift in tactics by the Israeli forces that should be viewed in the context of increasing recognition of the legitimacy of the actions by the Palestinian human rights activists.
Eyes on Israeli Military Court: A Collection of Impressions

This booklet encompasses a series of reflections on the experience of Addameer volunteers and associates who visited the Israeli military courts situated in the occupied Palestinian territory, from 2009 to 2011. The contributors were asked to write about what they saw and how they felt during their time at the court, where they witnessed hearings for Palestinians accused of stone-throwing, involvement in demonstrations and other political activities deemed an offense according to Israeli military regulations.
Violations against Palestinian Prisoners and Detainees in Israeli Prisons and Detention Centers 2010

This report highlights the violations that Palestinian prisoners were subjected to throughout 2010, starting from the moment of arrest and going through the interrogation and detention periods. In particular, this report provides a comprehensive overview of major developments in the ongoing confrontation between the prisoner movement and the Israeli Prison Service.
Stolen Hope: Political Detention in the West Bank

This report examines the phenomenon of political arrests in the West Bank by the Palestinian Authority’s security forces - the General Intelligence Service, the Preventive Security Force and to a lesser degree the Military Intelligence. Addameer’s research covers the period from January 2009 to September 2010, during which time Addameer monitored, documented, followed up and legally represented 347 detainees.
Administrative Detention in the OPT - Between Law and Practice

This research paper outlines the general principles and procedural safeguards governing administrative detention in international law with the aim of revealing the ways in which the Israeli Occupying Forces’ use of administrative detention in the occupied Palestinian territory violates these provisions.
The Right of Child Prisoners to Education

This research paper addresses the right to education for Palestinian child prisoners inside Israeli prisons. In doing so, it provides a comprehensive review of international laws and conventions pertaining to the right of education and examines Israeli civilian laws and Israeli Prison Service regulations pertaining to this right. The report also provides an international comparative lens through which the relative deprivation of Palestinian child prisoners’ educational rights in Israeli jails can be understood by looking at the Swedish and Canadian systems. Finally, the report addresses the impact of the occupation on the mental health of child prisoners and assesses the role of Palestinian institutions working with child prisoners.
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