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Prisoners at Risk
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26 May 2011

Haaretz Ilana Hammerman The little girl threw up. Just now, when they had finally arrived, and her brother smiled at her from the other side of the transparent partition; the smile of a 20-year-old who still looks like a child, but is eager to be a man. Just at this moment, she threw up. Threw up and

26 May 2011

By Sharen Green A TEENAGER tells me how he’s hoping to study journalism when he graduates from secondary school next year. But his chances have not been improved by a three-month prison sentence imposed on him this year. Until his recent release he was one of the 420 Palestinian young prisoners

13 August 2010

BETHLEHEM (Ma‘an) -- The Palestinian rights group Addameer has received an affidavit from a 17-year-old boy who said he was detained by Israeli forces at a West Bank checkpoint and tortured. The boy, identified as Emad Al-Ashhab, remains in Israeli custody under his third administrative

11 August 2010

By Amira Hass 11 August 2010 Haaretz   Nighttime raids, pointed guns, arrests often accompanied by beatings, kicks, curses and painful and extended handcuffing. The ordinary behavior of Israeli children in uniform. Children in the West Bank throw stones at army vehicles and Israeli cars, mainly

08 August 2010

After two years, a case against Palestinian teenagers accused of throwing stones was overturned when the military prosecution backed out. The suspects pleaded innocent all along, saying they’d been in school By Amira Hass 8 August 2010 Haaretz Eight Palestinian teenagers were tried in the

13 July 2010

By Janan Abdu The Electronic Intifada 13 July 2010 Janan Abdu with her two daughters outside a closed-door hearing on her husband Ameer Makhoul’s arrest, 12 May 2010. (Oren Ziv/ActiveStills) I used to tell my husband, Ameer Makhoul, “One day, they’ll come for you.” As chairman

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